OEM PC1250 Heavy Duty Rock Bucket

Aug 07, 2023

PC1250 Heavy Duty Rock Bucket is a Excavator Attachment commonly used in construction, mining, and excavation operations. It is designed specifically for handling and sorting heavy materials such as rocks, stones, and boulders. The primary purpose of a heavy-duty rock bucket is to efficiently scoop, lift, and transport large quantities of these materials.

The construction of a Rock Bucket typically involves high-strength steel and reinforced components to withstand the demanding conditions encountered when working with rocky terrain. The Excavator Bucket features sturdy Cutting Edges and Bucket Teeth to penetrate and break up the rock surface effectively. The Bucket Tooth are often made of hardened materials such as steel or carbide for increased durability and resistance to wear.

The design of a Heavy-Duty Rock Bucket typically includes a strong, reinforced structure with reinforced sides and bottom to withstand the forces exerted by heavy loads and impacts. Some Rock Buckets may also have additional features such as Side Cutters or wear plates for added protection and longevity.

The capacity and size of a Heavy Duty Bucket can vary based on the machine it is intended for and the specific application requirements. They are typically available in different widths and capacities to suit various types of construction and mining equipment, such as excavators and loaders.

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