New Type Motor Graders Blades

Jul 18, 2023

Motor Grader Blades manufactured from Boron Steel Alloy are heat treated and tempered to exact specifications to ensure the best combination of wear and impact resistance.

Motor Grader Blades - crafted from top-quality Boron Steel Alloy! Engineered to perfection, these blades undergo strict heat treatment and tempering processes, ensuring they meet and exceed the highest standards for wear resistance and impact durability.

Designed to conquer even the toughest terrain, our Motor Grader Blades offer unparalleled performance and longevity. With their superior strength and resilience, they effortlessly tackle the most challenging grading tasks, making them the ideal choice for construction projects of any scale.

What sets our Motor Grader Blades apart is their unique composition. The high-grade Boron Steel Alloy used in their construction elevates their overall sturdiness and resilience. This innovative material ensures enhanced wear resistance, guaranteeing the blades remain sharp and effective for extended periods.


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