How to maintain the crawler excavator chassis undercarriage to keep longer?

Mar 31, 2023

Crawler undercarriage is used walking component of construction machinery.If they can be used reasonably and operated scientifically,then will extend the working service life effectively.How to extend the life of excavator crawler chassis undercarriage track chain assembly?


To avoid the crawler track wear

During normal operations,it is easy to wear the chassis when the operator's operating habits or the impact of the working is possible to regularly switch the machine position during operations to reduce excessive unilateral wear. When conditions do not permit or the meshing parts of the excavator accessory sprocket and tracks link have developed severe wear, the machine can be stopped to remove the left and right track chain, and the excavator track link chain replacement method can be used to reduce excessive wear of the undercarriage chassis.


Reasonable operation to avoid non-standard actions

There are scientific operating specifications for on-site operations that should be observed strictly, especially during prolonged load operations when traveling repeatedly on inclined ground or suddenly turning, which can easily lead to wear due to the contact between the track link assy,sprocket and idler. Timely maintenance should be avoided as much as possible during use.


Don’t forget he inspection and maintenance of excavator accessories and crawler undercarriage.

During working, components bolts nuts of track roller,carrier roller,track shoe,track chain link assy,sprocket, idler become loose due to prolonged operation of the equipment or excessive vibration. The loose bolts can easily cause abnormal clearance between the bolts and the track shoes or cracks in the track shoes after being stressed, leading to a sharp reduction in the service life of the track link chain. Therefore, it is best to regularly inspect the excavator accessory tracks during use based on the usage status, and reinforce the loose bolts and nuts, which can also effectively enhance the service life of the excavator accessory track chassis.



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