Final Drive Travel Motor Assy for Excavator Types and Installation

Mar 02, 2024

Excavators typically use hydraulic motors for their final drives, which are responsible for delivering power from the engine to the excavator's tracks or wheels. There are several types of final drives commonly used in excavators.

Travel Motor: This is the most common type of final drive used in excavators. It consists of a hydraulic motor and a gearbox that converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to drive the tracks or wheels.

It's important to note that tfinal drive used in an excavator model and size. Different excavators may employ different types of final drives based on their specific requirements and design considerations.

Final Drive Installation:

* Ensure that chosen final drive is compatible with excavator model before installation. And check the size,power rating,mounting points to make sure it is suitable or not.

* Inspecting the excavator’s undercarriage,removing obstructions that may influence the installation process. Cleaning the mounting area.

* Be careful to align the mounting points on the excavator with new final drive.Follow the guidelines and use tools to secure the drive in place,and make sure a snug fit.

* Connecting the hoses properly,and pay attention on the designated pressure and flow rates specified in the excavator’s manual.

* After installation,make sure the final drive operates smoothly through tests.

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