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Doolin Plow Bolts and Nuts Promotion on June


Doolin produce all kinds of bolts&nuts,such as track bolts&nuts,plow bolts,segment bolts,wheel bolts,split master link bolts,and other bolts&nuts for heavy construction equipments.
Our bolts and nuts are manufactured under consistent quality control during production.They are from grade 10.9 to grade 12.9,a long life can be guaranteed.
We have strict quality management to produce effective and stable products,and meet customer's demand.
We can produce bolts and nuts according to our customer's supplied samples, designs or technical drawings.

Shipping:FOB China Port                                                                                                                               From:Ms Annie

Delivery Time: ASAP Once Contracted                                                                                                        Unit Price: USD

Period of Validity : 15 DAYS                                                                                                                            Condition: Brand New

Material: 40Cr

No.Part No.SizeNo.Part No.Size
14F3647 1/2234F3672 3/4
24F3646 1/2244F7827 3/4
34F3648 1/2255J4773 3/4
44F3649 1/2265J4771 3/4
54F3650 1/2274F0138 3/4
64F3651 1/2281J6762 3/4
74F3652 1/2295F8933 3/4
84F3662 1/2301J0962 3/4
94F3663 1/2314F0253 3/4
104F4043 1/2321J6761 3/4
111F7598 1/2332J3506 3/4
124F3664 5/8345J4772 7/8
134F3653 5/8356F0196 7/8
144F3654 5/8365J2409 7/8
153F5108 5/8378J2935 7/8
164F3656 5/8382J3505 7/8
174F3657 5/8395P81361   
184F3658 5/8408J29331   
194F3665 5/8416V6535 
204F0391 5/8425P8823 
214F3671 5/8435P8361 
224K0367 5/8443K9770 


 Welcome to contact us if any interest. First Come First Get!!

 Know more details,pls email to anniedoolin@yahoo.cn or anniedoolin@hotmail.com


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